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The Touch for Health Series of Workshops

Touch for Health is a system of safe, simple and extremely effective techniques which have been taught to the general public since the 1970's. It combines the use of recent western discoveries with principles of ancient Chinese medicine. It’s a beneficial system of preventative health care that anyone can perform and is complementary to all other care a person is already receiving.You will learn how to check 42 muscles and multiple techniques to restore proper energy flow throughout the body.Dr. John Thie's book: 'Touch for Health' plus supplemental hand-outs are used extensively throughout these workshops.

Introduction to Touch for Health

Take this three hour workshop to learn if you want to proceed with the full four-weekend workshop series by first learning some useful basics:

1.      accurately muscle test one indicator muscle

2.      effectively use powerful Emotional Stress Release Technique

3.      check for sensitivities to foods or supplements

4.      quick and easy method to reduce generalized pain

 Learn a bit about the history of strengthening weak muscles you may not even have known you had, using these techniques and why it works. Watch and practice how to smoothly perform an accurate muscle test. Be introduced to an incredibly simple yet enormously powerful technique to release stress in all aspects of your life.

Touch for Health Level 1

This is a workshop where you will get to use your hands, your head, and your heart. Please see below, the official syllabus from the International Kinesiology College, covered in this 15 hour (minimum) workshop:

Opposing Muscle Theory / Triangle of Health

14 Muscles:

Accurate Muscle Monitoring


Prechecks & Switch On (K27, CV24, GV27, GV1+ Navel)

Teres Major

Water Check / Central Meridian Check / Permissions

Pectoralis Major Clavicular

Neurolymphatics, Neurovasculars, Meridians

Latissimus Dorsi

Origin/Insertion Technique, Bilateral Muscle Spinal Correction




Emotional Stress Release


Strengthening with Foods 


Cross Crawl for Fun        

Gluteus Medius

Visual Inhibition & Auricular Exercise

Teres Minor

Surrogate Testing

Anterior Deltoid

Simple Pain Techniques – running meridians, feathering

Pectoralis Major Sternal

Posture Awareness, Goal Balancing

Anterior Serratus

Fascia Lata

Touch for Health Level 2

This level builds on your Level 1 training, and provides numerous short cuts and more in-depth understanding of the process of balancing the body's energies during this 15 hour workshop.

Pre-tests and Corrections using Circuit Locating

14 Muscles:

Golgi / Spindle Proprioceptors

Neck Flexors, Brachioradialis

Acupressure Holding Points, Yin / Yang

Middle & Lower Trapezius

Alarm Points – Over Energy

Rectus Abdominus

Balancing using the Wheel


Law of Five Elements Theory


Food Testing 

Adductors, Piriformis

ESR for Future Performance


Meridian Massage


Meridian Walking


Cerebrospinal Technique

Middle Deltoid

Cross Crawl Integration Exercise

Quadratus Lumborum

Touch for Health Level 3

Now we're getting into solving problems that may have been around for quite some time...Enjoy your classmates, and learning more about your body's inner workings for another 15 hours.

Prechecks Review, Five Element Review

14 Muscles:

Five Element Color Balance

Neck Extensors, Levator Scapula

Five Element Goal Balancing with Emotions

Triceps, Opponens Pollicis

Five Element Balancing with Food

Transverse/Oblique Abdominals

Sedation Techniques

Anterior/Posterior Tibials

ESR for Past Trauma

Upper Trapezius

Pulse Check and Pain Tapping

Gluteus Maximus

Circuit Retaining Mode

Gracilis, Soleus, Gastrocnemius

Facilitation and Inhibition

Diaphragm, Coracobrachialis

Reactive Muscles



Touch for Health Level 4

This level will teach you some techniques that will give you more balancing and corrective tools that can go deeper than you've been working until now. Learn more about the Five Elements and your power for understanding imbalances. This last 15 hour workshop sums up the Touch for Health Syllabus.

Figure 8 Energy

Luo Points

Five Elements and Meridian Review

Time of Day Balance

Five Element Emotions

Postural Stress Release

Balancing with Sound 

Neurolymphatic Release

Acupressure Holding Points in Depth

Posture Analysis